Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers use carbon neutral fuel such as pellets or logs from local, regenerated sources to provide sustainable and environmentally friendly heat for the home. The carbon released during the combustion process is balanced by that absorbed during the fuel’s production.

Biomass Boilers

How it works

When there is a heat demand, the feed mechanism (auger) automatically supplies fuel to the combustion chamber from the hopper. The built-in modulating fan delivers a precise amount of primary air to ensure the boiler operates at maximum efficiency.

The temperature is regulated by a thermostatic controller in conjunction with the modulating fan. This ensures the boiler runs at optimum output until the set temperature is close to being achieved. The control then modulates the fan and auger reducing the fuel supply therefore switching over to a reduced output. Burning wood pellets can achieve considerable savings in comparison to oil and LPG. Savings depend, amongst other things, on the type of fuel, costs and the annual efficiency of the old boiler.