Environment & Recycling


Our Recycling Efforts

Rothwell Plumbing Services care passionately about the environment and we have become accredited to ISO 14001 to help us make continual improvements in our environmental and recycling performance.

With this in mind, we have developed a highly successful recycling programme across the company including all our sites. We have made significant investments in new machinery which enables us to bale and compact 100% of our waste materials such as cardboard, polythene (soft plastics) and bulky polystyrene ready for recycling. We are currently recycling 100% of all our cardboard waste packaging which amounted to over 80 tonnes by the end of 2010. We have also recycled over 6 tonnes (100%) of our clear polythene packaging in the same period.

Our recently introduced programme for compacting polystyrene foam packaging, is also having a major positive impact on our recycling programme. We are now able to recycle 100% of this bulky waste product, preventing it from entering landfill. Before this machine’s introduction, the polystyrene waste took up an average of 10 cubic metres of capacity in our general waste skips each week or approximately 30 skips full each year. This bulky waste has now been completely eliminated from our skips and from entering landfill. Many other site generated waste products such as timber and hard polyethylene plastic water tanks are also being recycled by our Wigan depot as part of our environmental initiatives.


Another recent success in our recycling programme has come when we were able to locate a local company who is able to recycle all our hard plastic polyethylene water storage tanks which we remove from  domestic properties as part of our heating installation process. These tanks are ground down ito small plastic pellets and then recycled back into new products.


We continue to look for new ways to recycle each and every waste product we produce through our varied operations. RPS are currently recycling approximately 95% of all waste produced.