It’s time to ‘innovate’ with the launch of our brilliant new Central Heating Energy Saving Scheme (CHESS)

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Save energy and cut energy bills with your home heating system by switching to our new innovate Central Heating Energy Saving Scheme (CHESS).
Includes a brand new energy efficient boiler with a 10 year guarantee, no upfront costs, annual service included and no call-out charges.
Ask us also about the new Green Deal Home Improvement Fund cashback.

Right now your old boiler and bad bills are ripping you off!
And one day you will also have to face the costs of replacing your old boiler – not a nice thought!
Between now and then, your old boiler and energy suppliers will make you pay the price of wasted energy and wasted money, with higher and rising energy bills, nasty surprises and unexpected charges for call-outs and repairs.
No doubt you have first-hand experience, or know somebody who has, of the risks and disruption that an old boiler can inflict upon your family home, in addition to the wasted money.
OK, we know it’s bad – but how many of us can afford to buy a brand new boiler just like that?
The sad truth is that far too many of us are forced to put up with what we have – frozen still and getting ripped off, trying not to think about it and hoping that when that inevitable boiler replacement day comes we will somehow manage.

It’s time to innovate – time for you to make the smart CHESS move.

The unique innovate combination of our experience, expertise, capacity and care, together with our world class partners and new financing models, has now made the breakthrough that makes it possible for us to fix this problem… our CHESS strategy (Central Heating Energy Saving Scheme).

Upgrading now and saving energy together means you win and we win! (and bad bills lose!)
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