Polystyrene Compacting

Rothwell Plumbing Services new polystyrene compacting machine a great success!

Our new polystyrene compacting machine which was installed in January 2011 has proved to be a great success. This new machine has helped us to completely eliminate all the polystyrene waste packaging from our general waste skips and subsequently from entering landfill. This bulky waste product was responsible for producing many hundreds of cubic metres of waste each year. 

EPS Pallet

Palletised compacted polystyrene ready for transport to recyclers

New Polysyrene compacting machine

Polystyrene compacting machine showing compacted briquettes

The specialist compacting machine which was brought in  from Germany has already paid its way by saving money for the company and by significantly reducing the amount of waste skips required to dispose of this bulky packaging product. We are able to compact this material at a ratio of approximately 40/1 and then send the compacted material off to our recycling partner to be turned into a number of useful products. The introduction of this machine is another example of how we as a company are dedicated to reducing our overall waste and underlines our commitment to helping reduce any negative environmental impacts as a result of our operations.